*SORTE  [ˈsɔrtʃi] noun, feminine:  luck, fortune, fate, destiny

Brand "SORTE" was born in 2009, along with the first pole dance studios in Brazil. Since then, our aim has been to provide our dancers with studiowear that makes them feel empoweredbeautiful, exclusive and comfortable
Along with this goal, we are happy to introduce our Exotic Collection that was designed and created in collaboration with Kris Shten (a renowned Russian-Brazilian Exotic Pole Dancer). 
Using the finest fabrics, we have designed a line that is meant to emphasizes the sexuality and power of every individual.
All our clothing is designed and hand made with a lot of love in Brazil. 


Sabrina & Kris
Sabrina & Kris
Sabrina & Kris
work process
trying on

Sabrina Queirolo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She moved to São Paulo, Brazil with her family when she was a kid and lived there until she was 25 years old.

She graduated in economics and modeling (ESMODE) in the 90's, and then founded her own brand of clothing "Maria do Brasil", which made a history with fashion shows, theater plays, visual arts and music.

In 1996, he moved to Belo Horizonte where she worked for Modatec, a FIEMG unit responsible for revitalizing the Minas Gerais state fashion industry. Seeking to give consistency to her work, she graduated in History with the focus on Fashion Industry.

In 2007, she began to practice Pole Dance, at the time,  at the second pole dance studio in Brazil and at the first one in Belo Horizonte. Sabrina fell in love with the activity, and from then on, she began making clothes for Pole Dance practice in its most diverse aspects. Brand "SORTE" was born. Offering fun prints, different styles and very comfortable fittings it easily and fast concurred pole dancers from Belo Horizonte and later, the whole Brazil. 


In 2016, Sabrina met Kris Shten along with introduction to Exotic Pole. After some time of their friendship they decided to create a special collection inspired by Exotic and Sexy Pole. Keeping the comfort of "SORTE" cuts in combination with glamorous textile, "SORTE + KRIS SHTEN" now is the first line of pole dance clothing focusing on Exotic and Sexy Pole in Brazil .


One of the owners of SORTE
Pole dancer Kris Shten that is owner of Sorte too

Kris Shten was born in Russia and started to dance when she was little.  She studied traditional dance, street dance and contemporary dance when she was a teenager.


The first contact with pole dancing happened  in the USA where she lived for 5 years but it was in Brazil in 2012 when she started taking classes. After her very first class, it became impossible to imagine her future without the pole dance.


Kris began teaching pole dance in 2013 and then realized that in addition to the Pole Fitness, she wanted to learn how to combine movements into flawless choreography. Subsequently, when Kris discovered Exotic Pole Dance, she immediately fell in love and decided to follow the style of the pole dancers of her home country, study and develop with great passion every detail of the Exotic Pole.

Kris Shten had worked at studios in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Paris (France) and now lives and works in São Paulo (Brazil). She has thought numerous Workshops in many Brazilian cities and in France.

Still in love with Exotic Pole style, in 2017 she developed and thought the first Exotic Pole Professional Training Course in Brazil. 

When she met Sabrina and saw passion and dedication that she gives to her brand "SORTE", Kris realized that they have a very special thing in common - they both really love what they do. Struggling to find outfits for practice, Kris had an idea to develop her own collection of Exotic Pole clothing. There could not be anyone better then Sabrina and "SORTE" to make this collection perfect.

Sabrina & Kris Shten working