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Photo of Alyona Amber


Professional choreographer, cotemporary dancer and certified coach of the studio "FEEL GOOD: poledance & workout" (Latvia, Riga) in the directions Pole Dance, Exotic Pole Dance, Sexy Pole and Contemporary Pole.


Finalist of the Pole Theater World 2017. Graduated Latvian Culture College as a dance teacher, participated in Latvian Academy of Culture training courses (2009-2011).

Danced in “ZI” and “Liga Liberte dance theater” dance companies (2010-2013).


In 2014 worked as a show dancer in the swedish circus "Circus Scott" and in 2015 started pole dance in latvian studio "FEEL GOOD: poledance & workout.


3 ° place – "Zodiac Championship" category Stars (Russia, Moscow), 2018

Grand Prix Winner - "PoleEmotion" category Pro Exotic Show (Latvia, Riga), 2017

1 ° place - Semi Pro Classique& Overall Winner "Pole Theater UK" (UK, LONDON), 2017

1 ° place - "Exotic Generation" category Flow (Russia, Moscow), 2017

1 ° place - "Exotic Generation" category Flow (Italy), 2017

1 ° place - "Pole Emotion" category Semi Pro Exotic (Latvia, Riga), 2016


Alessandra Rancan and 
Denise Mendes

Alessandra Rancan and Denise Mendes are the most know pole double of Brazil and South America. They have been practicing together for 3 years and already have won numerous championships as solos and double artists. They are famous for their clean style and amazing flexibility. They are the creators of  "Flexsecrets", a very successful progressive flexibility course.



Alessandra Rancan True

At the age of 10, encouraged by her mother, she started at Rhythmic Gymnastics, where she dedicated herself and developed for 10 years. 

In 2011 she was introduced to Pole Dance and fell in love immediately. One year later she already started to teach pole dance and flexibility. 

Graduated in Biological Sciences and Business Administration, she decided to change her life radically and become full time Pole Dance Athlete and Instructor. 

Denise Mendes

Passionate about flexibility, she had her first contact with it while practicing Yoga, but it was with the practice of Pole Dance that she began to understand how to explore and deepen into a life with more conscious and flexible body.

In early 2016, she gave up an academic career in the area of ​​Biological Sciences and and decided dedicate herself completely to the career of teacher and practicing pole dance.


1 ° place - Elite Doubles, Brazilian Pole Sports Championship, 2019

1 ° place - Artistic Pole Doubles,Brazilian Pole Sports Championship, 2019

1 ° place - Elite Doubles, Brazilian Pole Sports Championship, 2018

Alessandra Rancan and Denise Mendes posing