Complete Heels Guide for pole dancers.

Complete Heels Guide for pole dancers.

There are many variations of the heels for pole dancing, different heels highs and shoes styles. But first let’s talk about WHY do pole dancers wear heels.

There are several reasons:

1. Aesthetic Appeal: Heels make a dancer's legs appear longer and more toned, which can enhance the overall visual appeal of the performance. They can also help create a more elegant and graceful look.

2. Improved Lines: Heels can help dancers achieve better lines and shapes while performing on the pole. They can elongate the legs and make certain moves, such as leg extensions and splits, look more impressive.

3. Grip, Stability, Tricks Execution: Pole dancing requires a strong grip on the pole to perform various moves and tricks. Some pole dancing heels made of a material with great grip, also platforms provide additional stability and help to execute movements and tricks. Also, the platform protects knees, feet and toes during some tricks execution.

4. Confidence Boost: Wearing heels can boost a dancer's confidence and self-esteem, which can translate into a more captivating and confident performance. Who doesn’t like a sexy pair of heels?

5. Personal Expression: Just like any other form of dance or performance, pole dancing is a form of self-expression. Some dancers choose to wear heels as a way to express their style, personality, and individuality.

Not all pole dancers wear heels, and the choice to wear them or not is a personal preference. Some dancers may prefer dancing barefoot or in flat shoes for comfort or safety reasons. Ultimately, the decision to wear heels or not depends on the dancer's personal style and comfort level.



Many pole dancers opt for 8-inch (20 cm) heels. Due to higher platform, the front edge of the shoe is bigger which allows better grip with the floor and allow the dancer to stay and balance on the “toes” easier.

We advise beginners to consider 8-inch (20 cm) shoes, as they can be easier to dance in than you might initially think.

Heels that are 7 inches (17 cm) or shorter work well for floorwork based choreography. They facilitate smoother movements and sliding across the floor, although coming up on the toes can be more challenging due to their smaller front edges.

If you wish to go higher then 8 inches (9 or 10 inches (23-25 cm), it's essential to understand that as the platform height increases, the weight of the shoes also increases. Handling the tall babes will require additional strength and flexibility. However, the payoff will be longer, stunning lines and beautifully toned legs! Usually only professional pole dancers use 9 and 10 inches.

Ultimately, what truly matters is your comfort. We suggest experimenting with various options, perhaps by borrowing shoes from your pole dance friends and testing them out while dancing and moving. This way, you'll discover what works best for you.

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There are four main styles to choose from: heels, ankle boots, knee high boots and thigh high boots. Each style comes in an array of colors and materials, and provides different levels of support and functionality.

Heels (sandals) are generally designed with an open-toed style and come in either strapless or adjustable ankle strap varieties. These types of heels are recommended for Classique style, floorwork, edgework, or flow choreography. The sandal-style heels enable complete ankle mobility and allow you to execute a wide range of shapes and movements.

Boots are available in both open-toed and closed-toed variations, providing the highest level of support for the legs and ankles. This style is particularly advisable for exotic pole dance routines, intricate tricks, and high-intensity choreographies. The substantial ankle support greatly enhances the safe execution of various movements.

We strogly recommend trying on different styles to determine which feels most comfortable for you. If you're uncertain, beginning with ankle boots is an excellent choice as they provide a secure fit around your ankle, ensuring more stability.

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When it comes to pole dancing shoes, you have an endless array of choices in terms of materials, colors, patterns, and styles. Keep in mind that selecting a pair with a patent finish can assist in gripping the pole, while matte or faux suede styles might make it more challenging to do so and are better suited for floorwork. Sequins, glitter, and other delicate materials are fantastic for prancing and burlesque routines. There are no rules in the pole dancing (that’s why we love it so much!), any style can be worn by any performer, but it's important to take these factors into consideration when choosing your shoes.

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