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The General Terms and Conditions are applicable at the time of purchase and shall not be changed by the vendor in the meantime, however, if the General Terms and Conditions should be changed, the purchase made by the buyer under the General Terms and Conditions at the time of purchase shall apply.

SORTE reserves the right to change its web content, General Terms and Conditions without prior notice, but the changes shall not be done at the time of purchase. SORTE aims to present the most accurate and timely information, but there may be minor discrepancy in product descriptions, delivery dates, prices, colours in images, structures or material textures of the items. The vendor assumes the responsibility only up to the amount of the purchase price.

If you have detected any flaws, please contact us at contact@sorte.store. The buyer of goods purchased at SORTE online store has the right to a refund or a complaint as described under the Point 6.


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The final customer of the SORTE online store can be solely a registered user who shall buy the goods for personal or non-commercial purposes. The buyer on the SORTE website may only be solely a natural person or a contractor.


The information submitted by the user through the forms published on the SORTE website or otherwise (via email, phone, etc.) is confidential and shall be treated in accordance with the applicable Brazilian legislation. The personal information shall be protected by SORTE and any misuse shall be prevented. The personal information shall be used only for the purposes for which the user has given his consent.

The user is also held liable for the protection of his personal information so as to ensure the security of his username and password.

SORTE is using the Wii platform which has the SSL technology for the transfer of all personal user information that ensures the encoding of all information sent through the orders. The information on the credit card that you enter in the event of such payment method is transferred in encoded form from your computer directly to the authorization server of the bank.


On the SORTE website it is possible to purchase the products presented in the online store.

The order made at the SORTE online store is considered to be dispatched 2 to 3 business days after placing an order. The pre-orders at the SORTE online store are considered to be dispatched in the time that is determined by the conditions written above each product on the online store.

Electronic notification is not a confirmation that the product is in stock or that the shipment of goods has taken place. The order shall be confirmed no later than in 3 business days following. The submission of the order with a new e-order confirmation notification.

In the event that the product ordered is not in stock or that the order cannot be executed for any other reasons, the user shall be notified by e-mail.

The confirmed orders at the SORTE online store shall be considered as irrevocable by the SORTE. In the event of an error, the buyer may cancel the order without any additional charges whilst waiting the electronic notification confirming his order.

A change to the order can be made by the buyer himself in his account or we can do it in his behalf by sending us an e-mail regarding the change to the e-mail address: contact@sorte.store.

SORTE may refuse any order in case of a suspicion that the SORTE webpage has been violated. By submitting the order, the buyer confirms that he was acquainted with the content of the General Terms and Conditions and that he was specifically informed of it.

The purchase contract is stored at the SORTE, and the buyer can access it any time through his account at the online store.


Withdrawal from your order and / or returning the goods

The buyer has the right to return the goods within 14 days after receiving an item and by enclosing the original invoice. If you would like to return an item, please inform us in writing within 14 days by sending an e-mail at: contact@sorte.store. The buyer must return the items unused, undamaged and quantitatively unchanged in the original packaging and tags and with an enclosed copy of the original invoice within 14 days to the address:

Rua Conselheiro Saraiva 655, Andar 1

Santana, São Paulo,

SP, 02037-021


with the heading "Online Store."

The buyer shall also provide to the company his bank account for reimbursement of a payment or refunding the purchase price. The company shall reimburse the payment or refund the purchase price as soon as possible, but not later than 14 days after the receipt of goods and a written notice of withdrawal from the contract are received.

The costs of returning the goods shall be covered by the buyer.

The products made to measure, with printing, embroidery or any other repairs made according to the wishes of the buyer cannot be returned or exchanged.


All prices are in euros (EUR) and depend on a country. All taxes are included in the price. For the buyers coming from not Brazi: Customs charges may be applicable from time to time, as dictated by the governing bodies of that country. Customs charges are not covered in our shipping fees and, if incurred, are payable by the customer.

At the time of the purchase shall apply prices, discounts, General Terms and Conditions valid at the time of submitting the order. Prices shall remain valid until publication of new prices at the SORTE online store. The period of validity of special offers at the SORTE online store is published at the SORTE online store.

The listed prices shall apply only to the purchases made at the SORTE online store and may differ from prices at other points of sale.


Delivery zones: The geographical area of delivery for items from the SORTE boutique is as follows:

- Europe;

- USA;

- Rest of the world: The Customer can contact the SORTE customer services to have more information on delivery conditions to a specific country in the world.

Delivery services

Products are delivered to the address indicated by the Customer on the purchase order. The Customer must check the exhaustiveness and the conformity of the information which he provides to SORTE. The latter cannot be held responsible for possible errors of data entry and the consequences in terms of delay or delivery error. In this context, all expenses engaged for the reforwarding of an order will be entirely the responsibility of the Customer.

SORTE cannot be held responsible for delivery delays because of errors or disruptions due to transporters (including in particular in the event of a partial or all-out strike in particular of the mail services, transport and communications).

Dispatching times

Orders placed online via the www.sorte.store.com site are dealt with each day from Monday to Friday, except public holiday. SORTE does its utmost to treat and dispatch any order received before 11am the very same day, nevertheless the preparation and processing time of an order may be lengthened according to articles, and may require 2-10 business days after placing an order. As of reception of the dispatch confirmation email, the Customer can take into account the transportation times mentioned below.

SORTE informs its Customers that these delivery times do not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

In the case of an order which may comprise one or more Products not immediately available and one or more Products immediately available, SORTE will dispatch the order as of reception of the whole of the products which comprise the order. If the Customer wishes to receive the products immediately available more quickly, she/he is advised to isolate these articles in a separate order.

An email is automatically sent to the Customer at the time of dispatch of the Products subject to the email address indicated in the inscription form not containing an error.

Transport times

Transport times depend on the transporter chosen by the Customer and the place of delivery.

SORTE informs Customers of the delivery times on a purely indicative basis, as given by the chosen transporter. Transport charges are given as an indication (for Brazil) at the moment of going to the shopping basket and are confirmed definitively according to the means of transport and the destination of delivery chosen, before the final confirmation of the order.

SORTE informs its Customers that these delivery times do not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Delivery times

Delivery times may be considered to be the following:

If the products are available, the delivery period is equal to the dispatching time plus transport time;

If the products are not immediately available, then delivery time equals dispatching time plus transport time plus times of delivery by SORTE's suppliers.

If it happens that initial delivery times cannot be met, a new delivery time will then be communicated to the Customer, according to the information available to SORTE. In this case, an option for the cancellation of the order, with a refund or a credit, will be also made to the Customer.

Methods of delivery worldwide

- Economy delivery by FedEx, usual delivery time form 2 to 10 business days:

This method of delivery makes it possible for the Customer to receive his parcel within 2 to 10 days as from dispatch (excluding processing and preparation time for the order which can take from 2-5 days). Deliveries are carried out from Monday to Saturday morning, excluding public holidays. The charges involved for this option depend on the total weight and volume of the ordered articles.

The parcel is dealt with by FedEx and is delivered upon being signed for at the delivery address indicated by the Customer. In the event of absence at the moment of delivery, a delivery notice will be left at the address of delivery indicated by the Customer, allowing him to collect his parcel from the nearest post office. The parcels are held at the post office for 15 calendar days. In the event of non withdrawal within the time limits allowed by the transporter, the products will be returned to SORTE which reserves the right to refund the price of the products, with transport costs being at the charge of the Customer.


The products are packaged so as to respect the standards of transport in force, and to ensure an optimal protection of the products during their delivery. It is requested from the Customer to respect these same standards in the case of a product being returned because of after-sales service or for reasons of suitability. Any damage noted to a product arising from the product not being repackaged properly may lead to an only partial refund, or no refund in the event of the impossibility of resale in its state or in the event of a technical problem indicated having been worsened.

Responsibility of the Customer to check parcels upon reception

SORTE reminds customers that it is the responsibility of the Customer to inspect his parcels upon reception in the presence of the deliveryman and to notify the transporter as well as SORTE of any anomaly (bumps, damage to the parcel, delivery date not conforming to normal times of the parcel delivery) within two working days. In the case where such elements are not noted on the delivery slip presented to the Customer by the transporter, no complaint related to the state of the parcel can be accepted a posteriori by SORTE.

Delays in delivery related to the transporter

In the case of a delay in delivery compared to the times announced by the transporters, the Customer must contact by priority the transporter, or its distribution office in the case of the Brazilian post office, to see whether the parcel is not about to be dispatched. If the need arises, the Customer must contact SORTE Customer Services by contact@sorte.store in order to create a file of contention or start an investigation to carry out a search for the parcel.

It can happen that parcels are mislaid by transporters. The times given by transporters require that the Customer declares the loss in the 10 days following the reception of the dispatch notice sent by SORTE. Under these conditions, smallable accepts the responsibility of contacting the transporter concerned.

If the parcel is found, it will be sent immediately to the residence of the Customer. In the event that the parcel is not found, the Customer will be able to ask that the same product be sent again (subject to availability), at SORTE's expense, or be refunded the amount paid. If one or more ordered products are not available at that moment, SORTE will refund the amount paid for the products concerned lost by the transporter.

Damaged parcels

The Customer must inspect the state of the parcel in the presence of the transporter and note any reserves necessary on the delivery slip in the event of partial or total deterioration. In the absence of noting such points, the product is considered to be accepted by the Customer and cannot be the subject of any dispute concerning its delivery. The Customer must notify SORTE by email so that SORTE can take the necessary measures as quickly as possible.


The Customer can pay her/his order online by PayPal for now. The Customer guarantees the SORTE that she/he has the necessary authorization to use the mode of payment chosen by him, during the confirmation of the purchase order. The debit for purchases on the customer's account is done at the time of the processing of the order.

SORTE uses all means necessary to ensure the safety and confidentiality of data transmitted online. To this end, the site uses an online platform Wix which uses protected mode of payment SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which allows the encoding of your banking co-ordinates during their transmission on the Internet. You can see that the transmission is encrypted by software from the padlock symbol which appears in your navigator. The transaction is carried out via the Brazilian bank, which alone receives the banking information provided on the site at the time of the payment.

SORTE company reserves the right to suspend the processing and delivery in the case of a payment authorization by bank card being refused by officially accredited organizations or in the case of non-payment. SORTE notably reserves the right to refuse to process and deliver an order placed by a client who has not paid in total a previous order, or with whom a dispute over payment has still not been settled.

Within the framework of a procedure for checking orders intended to make sure that no one uses the banking co-ordinates of another person without his or her knowledge, the Customer may be requested to send proof of identity or proof of residence by fax or email to SORTE. The order will be confirmed only after reception and checking by our services of the details sent. In the absence of reception of these elements within 15 day following the placing of the order, the order will be considered to be automatically cancelled.


The purchase order which the Customer creates online or the confirmation of the order sent by email to the Customer by SORTE does not act as an invoice. The Customer has the original of the invoice in his online account. The invoice does not come with the parcel.

SORTE preserves an electronic example of each invoice.

In the case of a delivery to an address different from the billing address, the invoice for orders is only ever available in the Customer's online account.

Transfer of property

SORTE remains owner of the Products delivered until their complete payment by the Customer. The provisions above do not prevent the transfer to the Customer of the risks of loss or deterioration of the Products during delivery as well as of the damage which they could cause.

Until the payment of the full purchase price the selected items remain the property of SORTE.


It is in the interest of SORTE that any dispute between the company and the buyer shall be settled by extra-judicial settlement of disputes. If the dispute would occur, please contact us. In the event that the buyer and the company have not been able to settle their dispute, the dispute shall be resolved under the Secretaria de Administração Regional municipal Noroeste, Rua Beçanha 144 Carlos Prates.